Phrasal Verbs with Go Over

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Phrasal verbs with “Go Over” are useful for describing actions related to reviewing, visiting, or exceeding limits. Here’s a detailed list of these phrasal verbs, their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Go Over”:

  1. Go over
  2. Go over to
  3. Go over with
  4. Go overboard
  5. Go over and above
  6. Go over like a lead balloon
  7. Go over someone’s head
  8. Go over the top
  9. Go over something with someone
  10. Go over old ground
  11. Go over the fine print
  12. Go over the basics
  13. Go over the limit
  14. Go over the line
  15. Go over your budget
  16. Go over again
  17. Go over by
  18. Go over time
  19. Go over to the dark side
  20. Go over your notes

Phrasal Verbs with “Go Over” and Their Meanings

Go Over

Meaning: To review or examine carefully.

Example: Let’s go over the presentation one more time before the meeting.

Go Over To

Meaning: To visit or move toward someone or something.

Example: I’m planning to go over to John’s house later today.

Go Over With

Meaning: To be received in a particular way by someone.

Example: The new proposal went over well with the board.

Go Overboard

Meaning: To do something to excess.

Example: Don’t go overboard with the decorations; keep it simple.

Go Over and Above

Meaning: To exceed expectations or requirements.

Example: Sarah went over and above in helping her colleagues meet their deadlines.

Go Over Like a Lead Balloon

Meaning: To be poorly received or fail completely.

Example: His joke went over like a lead balloon at the party.

Go Over Someone’s Head

Meaning: To bypass someone in authority or understanding.

Example: When she couldn’t get approval, she went over her boss’s head to the director.

Go Over the Top

Meaning: To do something in an excessive or extreme way.

Example: The marketing team went over the top with their new campaign.

Go Over Something with Someone

Meaning: To review something together with another person.

Example: Can you go over the contract details with me before signing?

Go Over Old Ground

Meaning: To discuss or revisit something that has already been discussed.

Example: Let’s not go over old ground again in this meeting.

Go Over the Fine Print

Meaning: To carefully read the details of an agreement or document.

Example: Make sure to go over the fine print before accepting the terms.

Go Over the Basics

Meaning: To review the foundational or essential elements of something.

Example: Before moving on, let’s go over the basics of financial analysis.

Go Over the Limit

Meaning: To exceed a set or allowed limit.

Example: Be careful not to go over the limit on your credit card.

Go Over the Line

Meaning: To exceed acceptable behavior or standards.

Example: His comments went over the line and were deemed offensive.

Go Over Your Budget

Meaning: To exceed the planned or allocated budget.

Example: The construction project went over its budget by 20%.

Go Over Again

Meaning: To review or examine something one more time.

Example: I’d like to go over the report again before sending it.

Go Over By

Meaning: To exceed a particular limit or time frame by a specific amount.

Example: The meeting went over by 5 minutes.

Go Over Time

Meaning: To continue beyond the planned or expected time.

Example: The class went over time because the students had many questions.

Go Over to the Dark Side

Meaning: To start engaging in unethical or undesirable behavior.

Example: He went over to the dark side when he started accepting bribes.

Go Over Your Notes

Meaning: To review personal notes for study or preparation.

Example: Be sure to go over your notes before the final exam.

Phrasal Verbs with Go Over

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