Phrasal Verbs with Grab

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Phrasal verbs with “Grab” are often used to describe actions related to quick or sudden movement and seizing opportunities. Below is a comprehensive list with meanings and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Grab”:

  1. Grab at
  2. Grab onto
  3. Grab hold of
  4. Grab on
  5. Grab up
  6. Grab back
  7. Grab off
  8. Grab away
  9. Grab for
  10. Grab into
  11. Grab over
  12. Grab along
  13. Grab against
  14. Grab through
  15. Grab down
  16. Grab around
  17. Grab across
  18. Grab aside
  19. Grab behind
  20. Grab with

Phrasal Verbs with “Grab” and Their Meanings

Grab At

Meaning: To try to seize something quickly.

Example: The child tried to grab at the candy on the counter.

Grab Onto

Meaning: To hold onto something firmly.

Example: She grabbed onto the handrail to avoid slipping.

Grab Hold Of

Meaning: To take hold of something firmly.

Example: Grab hold of the rope and pull yourself up.

Grab On

Meaning: To grasp something tightly for support or stability.

Example: He grabbed on to the railing as the boat rocked in the storm.

Grab Up

Meaning: To quickly take or collect items.

Example: The kids grabbed up all the toys before leaving the park.

Grab Back

Meaning: To reclaim or retake something.

Example: She grabbed back her phone from her mischievous brother.

Grab Off

Meaning: To quickly seize or take something.

Example: He grabbed off the last donut from the tray.

Grab Away

Meaning: To snatch or take something from someone.

Example: The thief grabbed away the woman’s purse and ran.

Grab For

Meaning: To attempt to seize something, usually with urgency.

Example: The goalkeeper grabbed for the ball but missed.

Grab Into

Meaning: To seize something by reaching inside.

Example: She grabbed into her bag to find her keys.

Grab Over

Meaning: To take control of something previously held by someone else.

Example: The manager grabbed over the responsibilities of the absent supervisor.

Grab Along

Meaning: To hold onto something while moving along a path.

Example: He grabbed along the wall as he made his way in the dark.

Grab Against

Meaning: To hold onto something firmly while being pushed back.

Example: The surfer grabbed against the board as the wave crashed over him.

Grab Through

Meaning: To hold onto something while navigating obstacles.

Example: She grabbed through the jungle vines to find her way.

Grab Down

Meaning: To pull something down quickly or forcefully.

Example: He grabbed down the blinds to block out the sunlight.

Grab Around

Meaning: To take hold of something or someone from behind.

Example: The firefighter grabbed around the child and pulled her to safety.

Grab Across

Meaning: To reach out and seize something from a distance.

Example: He grabbed across the table to take the salt shaker.

Grab Aside

Meaning: To pull someone away from a group for a private conversation.

Example: The manager grabbed the employee aside to discuss his performance.

Grab Behind

Meaning: To reach behind and take hold of something.

Example: She grabbed behind the bookshelf to find the lost coin.

Grab With

Meaning: To use something (like a tool) to seize or take hold.

Example: He grabbed the rope with his right hand to climb up the cliff.Phrasal Verbs with Grab

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