Phrasal Verbs with Grow

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Phrasal verbs with “grow” are frequently used to describe development, expansion, and changing relationships. Here are 20 phrasal verbs with “grow,” their meanings, and example sentences.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Grow”:

  1. Grow up
  2. Grow out
  3. Grow apart
  4. Grow into
  5. Grow on
  6. Grow back
  7. Grow from
  8. Grow over
  9. Grow upon
  10. Grow down
  11. Grow together
  12. Grow alongside
  13. Grow out of
  14. Grow old
  15. Grow with
  16. Grow away from
  17. Grow towards
  18. Grow up with
  19. Grow through
  20. Grow beyond

Phrasal Verbs with “Grow” and Their Meanings

Grow Up

Meaning: To mature or become an adult.

Example: Children usually grow up quickly and leave home.

Grow Out

Meaning: To expand in size or length.

Example: The city is growing outwards due to urbanization.

Grow Apart

Meaning: To become distant from someone over time.

Example: After high school, they grew apart and lost contact.

Grow Into

Meaning: To become accustomed to something or develop into a particular role.

Example: The puppy will eventually grow into its oversized paws.

Grow On

Meaning: To become more liked over time.

Example: The new teacher initially seemed strict, but she grew on the students.

Grow Back

Meaning: To regrow after being cut or removed.

Example: After the fire, the forest slowly grew back.

Grow From

Meaning: To develop or evolve based on previous experiences or foundations.

Example: Her interest in art grew from her childhood doodling.

Grow Over

Meaning: To gradually cover or overgrow something.

Example: The vines have grown over the abandoned house.

Grow Upon

Meaning: To increasingly affect or influence someone.

Example: The more he listened to classical music, the more it grew upon him.

Grow Down

Meaning: To develop downwards or in a lower direction.

Example: The roots of the plant grew down into the soil.

Grow Together

Meaning: To form a closer relationship with someone over time.

Example: The team grew together after completing the challenging project.

Grow Alongside

Meaning: To develop simultaneously or in parallel with something or someone.

Example: Technology has grown alongside changes in consumer behavior.

Grow Out Of

Meaning: To become too large for something or to stop doing something as one ages.

Example: She’s grown out of her old clothes.

Grow Old

Meaning: To age or become elderly.

Example: We hope to grow old together happily.

Grow With

Meaning: To develop concurrently or in association with something.

Example: He grew with his business, taking on more responsibilities over time.

Grow Away From

Meaning: To become emotionally or physically distant from someone.

Example: As he became more successful, he grew away from his old friends.

Grow Towards

Meaning: To develop in a direction or to aim for something.

Example: The city is growing towards a more sustainable future.

Grow Up With

Meaning: To mature alongside someone or something.

Example: She grew up with her siblings in a small town.

Grow Through

Meaning: To develop by enduring difficult experiences.

Example: We grow through challenges and learn valuable lessons.

Grow Beyond

Meaning: To exceed or surpass a certain point or limitation.

Example: His skills have grown beyond his initial expectations.Phrasal Verbs with Grow

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