Phrasal Verbs with Hang

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Phrasal verbs with “hang” are commonly used to express actions related to waiting, suspending, or clinging. Below is a list of phrasal verbs with “hang” along with their meanings and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Hang”:

  1. Hang around
  2. Hang up
  3. Hang out
  4. Hang on
  5. Hang back
  6. Hang about
  7. Hang onto
  8. Hang together
  9. Hang over
  10. Hang down
  11. Hang in there
  12. Hang off
  13. Hang upon
  14. Hang up on
  15. Hang loose
  16. Hang fire
  17. Hang in
  18. Hang behind
  19. Hang round
  20. Hang around with

Phrasal Verbs with “Hang” and Their Meanings

Hang Around

Meaning: To spend time in a place without a specific purpose.

Example: We usually hang around the mall on weekends.

Hang Up

Meaning: To end a phone call; to suspend something.

Example: After talking for an hour, she hung up the phone.

Hang Out

Meaning: To spend time relaxing or socializing.

Example: Do you want to hang out at the café later?

Hang On

Meaning: To wait briefly; to hold tightly.

Example: Hang on a minute; I’ll be right back.

Hang Back

Meaning: To hesitate or stay behind.

Example: He hung back during the group activity because he was shy.

Hang About

Meaning: To loiter or waste time around a particular place.

Example: There were teenagers hanging about the park after dark.

Hang Onto

Meaning: To keep or retain something.

Example: Make sure you hang onto your keys while we’re out.

Hang Together

Meaning: To remain united or connected.

Example: Despite the challenges, the team managed to hang together.

Hang Over

Meaning: To worry or threaten persistently.

Example: The possibility of layoffs is hanging over the office.

Hang Down

Meaning: To suspend loosely or dangle.

Example: Her hair hung down to her waist.

Hang In There

Meaning: To persevere or endure in a difficult situation.

Example: Hang in there; things will improve soon.

Hang Off

Meaning: To hold back or delay acting.

Example: He was hanging off on making the final decision.

Hang Upon

Meaning: To depend on or be influenced by something.

Example: The success of the event hangs upon good weather.

Hang Up On

Meaning: To abruptly end a phone call with someone.

Example: He was upset when she hung up on him.

Hang Loose

Meaning: To remain relaxed or calm.

Example: Hang loose and enjoy your vacation!

Hang Fire

Meaning: To delay or postpone action.

Example: We’re hanging fire on the project until we receive further instructions.

Hang In

Meaning: To persist or continue in a difficult situation.

Example: The team hung in until the final whistle despite the scoreline.

Hang Behind

Meaning: To stay behind or linger after others have left.

Example: She hung behind to chat with her friends.

Hang Round

Meaning: To spend time idly around a place.

Example: They were hanging round the stadium waiting for the concert to start.

Hang Around With

Meaning: To associate or spend time with someone.

Example: He likes to hang around with his colleagues after work.Phrasal Verbs with Hang

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