Phrasal Verbs with Hand

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Phrasal verbs involving “hand” often relate to actions of giving, passing, or helping. Here is a comprehensive list of 20 phrasal verbs with “hand,” along with meanings and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Hand”:

  1. Hand in
  2. Hand out
  3. Hand over
  4. Hand back
  5. Hand down
  6. Hand off
  7. Hand around
  8. Hand on
  9. Hand into
  10. Hand across
  11. Hand through
  12. Hand round
  13. Hand to
  14. Hand with
  15. Hand at
  16. Hand for
  17. Hand up
  18. Hand forward
  19. Hand upon
  20. Hand from

Phrasal Verbs with “Hand” and Their Meanings

Hand In

Meaning: To submit or deliver something, usually a document.

Example: Please hand in your assignments by Friday.

Hand Out

Meaning: To distribute something to a group of people.

Example: The volunteers handed out food and water to the homeless.

Hand Over

Meaning: To transfer possession or control of something to someone else.

Example: She handed over the keys to the new owners.

Hand Back

Meaning: To return something to its owner after borrowing it.

Example: After reading the book, he handed it back to the librarian.

Hand Down

Meaning: To pass something on to someone younger or of a lower rank.

Example: The tradition has been handed down for generations.

Hand Off

Meaning: To give control or responsibility for something to another person.

Example: After training, the manager handed off the project to the new employee.

Hand Around

Meaning: To distribute something by passing it from person to person.

Example: He handed around the photos for everyone to see.

Hand On

Meaning: To pass something to the next person or stage.

Example: He handed on the confidential information to the manager.

Hand Into

Meaning: To submit or deliver something into a specific place or to someone.

Example: She handed her resignation into the HR department.

Hand Across

Meaning: To pass something across a gap or distance.

Example: The guard handed across the visitor’s pass.

Hand Through

Meaning: To deliver something by passing it through an opening.

Example: The attendant handed the menu through the car window.

Hand Round

Meaning: To distribute something among people in a circular manner.

Example: The waiter handed round the appetizers to the guests.

Hand To

Meaning: To give something directly to someone.

Example: He handed the package to the courier.

Hand With

Meaning: To assist or provide help.

Example: Can you hand me with this heavy box, please?

Hand At

Meaning: To give assistance or provide resources at a specific location.

Example: The supervisor handed at the customer service desk.

Hand For

Meaning: To provide something on behalf of someone.

Example: She handed the report for her colleague who was on leave.

Hand Up

Meaning: To submit or deliver something upwards, often to a higher authority.

Example: The soldier handed up his report to the commanding officer.

Hand Forward

Meaning: To advance or push forward to the next person.

Example: The players handed the ball forward to their teammate.

Hand Upon

Meaning: To bestow or impose something on someone.

Example: The responsibility of caring for the family was handed upon her shoulders.

Hand From

Meaning: To move something from one person or place to another.

Example: The manager handed the files from the old office to the new location.

Phrasal Verbs with Hand

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