Phrasal Verbs with Hold

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Phrasal verbs with “hold” are useful for expressing actions related to restraint, waiting, or grasping. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs with “hold” and their meanings and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Hold”:

  1. Hold on
  2. Hold up
  3. Hold out
  4. Hold back
  5. Hold off
  6. Hold onto
  7. Hold down
  8. Hold forth
  9. Hold over
  10. Hold together
  11. Hold back on
  12. Hold against
  13. Hold away
  14. Hold with
  15. Hold in
  16. Hold off on
  17. Hold out against
  18. Hold under
  19. Hold over until
  20. Hold up as

Phrasal Verbs with “Hold” and Their Meanings

Hold On

Meaning: To wait for a moment; to grasp tightly.

Example: Hold on, I need to grab my keys before we leave.

Hold Up

Meaning: To delay or obstruct; to rob someone using threats.

Example: The traffic held us up for over an hour.

Hold Out

Meaning: To resist or last through a challenging situation.

Example: The defenders held out against the enemy for days.

Hold Back

Meaning: To restrain oneself or someone else.

Example: She couldn’t hold back her tears after hearing the news.

Hold Off

Meaning: To delay doing something.

Example: We decided to hold off on the meeting until next week.

Hold Onto

Meaning: To keep or retain something.

Example: You should hold onto that antique watch; it’s valuable.

Hold Down

Meaning: To keep in a fixed position or maintain control.

Example: It’s hard to hold down a job while studying full-time.

Hold Forth

Meaning: To speak at length on a subject.

Example: The professor held forth on the history of classical music.

Hold Over

Meaning: To extend or postpone something.

Example: The company decided to hold over the project until next quarter.

Hold Together

Meaning: To keep unified or connected.

Example: The team held together despite the challenges.

Hold Back On

Meaning: To withhold something or restrain from doing something.

Example: They held back on making a decision until all the facts were available.

Hold Against

Meaning: To bear a grudge or resentment towards someone.

Example: I don’t hold anything against him for what happened.

Hold Away

Meaning: To keep something at a distance or prevent it from getting close.

Example: The security guard held the crowd away from the stage.

Hold With

Meaning: To agree or approve of something.

Example: I don’t hold with lying to achieve your goals.

Hold In

Meaning: To restrain oneself from expressing emotions.

Example: She tried to hold in her laughter during the serious meeting.

Hold Off On

Meaning: To delay or postpone something.

Example: We should hold off on booking flights until the travel restrictions are lifted.

Hold Out Against

Meaning: To resist or oppose something.

Example: The small village held out against the invading forces.

Hold Under

Meaning: To submerge or suppress.

Example: He held the ball under the water during the pool game.

Hold Over Until

Meaning: To extend or continue until a specific time.

Example: They held over the promotion until the end of the month.

Hold Up As

Meaning: To present as an example or model.

Example: She was held up as a role model for young athletes.

Phrasal Verbs with Hold

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