Phrasal Verbs with Join

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Phrasal verbs involving “join” are valuable for expressing connection, association, or participation. Here’s a list of 20 phrasal verbs with “join,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Join”:

  1. Join in
  2. Join up
  3. Join with
  4. Join together
  5. Join forces
  6. Join hands
  7. Join on
  8. Join onto
  9. Join down
  10. Join over
  11. Join around
  12. Join back
  13. Join along
  14. Join after
  15. Join before
  16. Join under
  17. Join through
  18. Join out
  19. Join across
  20. Join beside

Phrasal Verbs with “Join” and Their Meanings

Join In

Meaning: To participate in an activity.

Example: We invited everyone to join in the celebration.

Join Hands

Meaning: To collaborate or work together closely.

Example: Let’s join hands to make this project a success.

Join Up

Meaning: To enlist in the military or to combine with others.

Example: He decided to join up with the army after finishing college.

Join Together

Meaning: To combine, unite, or bring together.

Example: We should join together to solve this issue.

Join Forces

Meaning: To work together with others for a common goal.

Example: The two organizations joined forces to fight hunger in the region.

Join On

Meaning: To attach to or connect with something.

Example: They joined the new section on to the existing pipeline.

Join Onto

Meaning: To connect to or become part of something.

Example: The extension joins onto the main building seamlessly.

Join Down

Meaning: To attach or connect downward.

Example: He joined down the wires carefully to prevent any damage.

Join Over

Meaning: To connect or bridge over a space or gap.

Example: The engineer joined over the gap to create a continuous structure.

Join Around

Meaning: To encircle or encompass something.

Example: The decorations were joined around the stage beautifully.

Join Back

Meaning: To reconnect after a break or separation.

Example: After a brief hiatus, he joined back with the company.

Join Along

Meaning: To accompany or travel together.

Example: Would you like to join along on our trip to the museum?

Join After

Meaning: To become a part of something following a particular event.

Example: He joined after the initial phase of the project was completed.

Join Before

Meaning: To become a part of something prior to a particular event.

Example: They joined before the company launched its new product.

Join Under

Meaning: To become part of a structure or system.

Example: The bridge joins under the main highway to form a bypass.

Join Through

Meaning: To connect through a medium or process.

Example: They joined through a mutual friend.

Join Out

Meaning: To extend or project outward.

Example: The balcony joins out over the garden.

Join Across

Meaning: To connect or link from one side to another.

Example: The bridge joins across the river to connect both cities.

Join Beside

Meaning: To position oneself or something next to another.

Example: The new wing joins beside the existing building perfectly.

Join With

Meaning: To unite with others for a common cause or activity.

Example: They decided to join with the neighboring town to form a larger community group.

Phrasal Verbs with Join

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