Phrasal Verbs with Jump

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Phrasal verbs involving “jump” are useful for expressing sudden movements or changes. Below is a list of 20 phrasal verbs with “jump,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Jump”:

  1. Jump in
  2. Jump out
  3. Jump up
  4. Jump on
  5. Jump over
  6. Jump across
  7. Jump down
  8. Jump at
  9. Jump for
  10. Jump through
  11. Jump off
  12. Jump back
  13. Jump forward
  14. Jump to
  15. Jump past
  16. Jump around
  17. Jump into
  18. Jump ahead
  19. Jump behind
  20. Jump along

Phrasal Verbs with “Jump” and Their Meanings

Jump Around

Meaning: To move or change position frequently.

Example: The kids jumped around excitedly at the party.

Jump Past

Meaning: To skip over or bypass something.

Example: The book helps you jump past common beginner’s mistakes.

Jump In

Meaning: To suddenly become involved in something.

Example: Don’t be afraid to jump in if you have any questions.

Jump Out

Meaning: To move out quickly or to become immediately noticeable.

Example: The bright colors really jump out at you in this painting.

Jump Up

Meaning: To rise or spring into an upright position.

Example: He jumped up when he heard the loud noise.

Jump On

Meaning: To criticize or attack someone suddenly; to board a vehicle.

Example: The teacher jumped on the student for not doing his homework.

Jump Over

Meaning: To leap across or clear an obstacle.

Example: The athlete easily jumped over the hurdles.

Jump Across

Meaning: To leap from one side to another.

Example: She managed to jump across the stream without getting wet.

Jump Down

Meaning: To leap or drop to a lower level.

Example: He jumped down from the tree branch safely.

Jump At

Meaning: To seize an opportunity eagerly.

Example: When the job offer came, she jumped at the chance to work abroad.

Jump For

Meaning: To leap or spring to reach something.

Example: He jumped for the basketball, but missed the shot.

Jump Through

Meaning: To pass through something by leaping.

Example: The cat jumped through the window to get outside.

Jump Off

Meaning: To leap from a higher point to a lower one.

Example: She jumped off the diving board and into the pool.

Jump Back

Meaning: To quickly move backward in surprise or shock.

Example: He jumped back when the snake slithered past him.

Jump Forward

Meaning: To move ahead in a progressive manner.

Example: They jumped forward in their planning after securing funding.

Jump To

Meaning: To move or transition quickly to another topic or action.

Example: Let’s jump to the next item on the agenda.

Jump Into

Meaning: To start something quickly and enthusiastically.

Example: After her graduation, she jumped into her new job immediately.

Jump Ahead

Meaning: To move forward or make progress quickly.

Example: We don’t want to jump ahead without finalizing the initial plans.

Jump Behind

Meaning: To fall behind in progress or schedule.

Example: She jumped behind in her coursework after being ill for a week.

Jump Along

Meaning: To move or progress in an irregular manner.

Example: The rabbit jumped along the path, stopping occasionally to nibble on grass.

Phrasal Verbs with Jump

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