Phrasal Verbs with Keep

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Phrasal verbs with “keep” often describe actions related to maintaining, retaining, or managing something. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs with “keep,” along with their meanings and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Keep”:

  1. Keep at
  2. Keep back
  3. Keep away
  4. Keep down
  5. Keep from
  6. Keep in
  7. Keep off
  8. Keep on
  9. Keep out
  10. Keep to
  11. Keep up
  12. Keep up with
  13. Keep under
  14. Keep together
  15. Keep across
  16. Keep along
  17. Keep ahead
  18. Keep apart
  19. Keep by
  20. Keep around

Phrasal Verbs with “Keep” and Their Meanings

Keep At

Meaning: To persist with something, especially a task or goal.

Example: If you keep at your studies, you’ll pass the exam.

Keep Back

Meaning: To retain something or hold it in reserve.

Example: She kept back some of the cake for herself.

Keep Away

Meaning: To maintain a safe distance from someone or something.

Example: Please keep away from the edge of the cliff.

Keep Down

Meaning: To prevent growth or increase; to suppress.

Example: He tried to keep down the noise during the meeting.

Keep From

Meaning: To prevent oneself or someone else from doing something.

Example: She could barely keep from laughing at the joke.

Keep In

Meaning: To cause someone to stay indoors or inside a particular place.

Example: The teacher kept him in during recess as a punishment.

Keep Off

Meaning: To prevent someone from stepping onto something.

Example: Please keep off the grass.

Keep On

Meaning: To continue doing something despite difficulties.

Example: If you keep on practicing, you’ll get better at playing the piano.

Keep Out

Meaning: To prevent someone or something from entering a place.

Example: They put up a fence to keep out intruders.

Keep To

Meaning: To follow or adhere strictly to something.

Example: Please keep to the designated path while hiking.

Keep Up

Meaning: To maintain the same level or rate as others.

Example: She walked so fast that I struggled to keep up.

Keep Up With

Meaning: To stay at the same pace or maintain the same level of understanding as someone else.

Example: I can hardly keep up with all the new technology.

Keep Under

Meaning: To control or suppress something or someone.

Example: The dictator kept the people under strict control.

Keep Together

Meaning: To remain in close proximity to others.

Example: Let’s keep together so no one gets lost.

Keep Across

Meaning: To maintain awareness or knowledge of something.

Example: I try to keep across the latest news by reading multiple sources.

Keep Along

Meaning: To continue moving in the same direction or path.

Example: They kept along the riverbank until they found a bridge.

Keep Ahead

Meaning: To remain in a position of advantage or lead.

Example: We need to keep ahead of the competition by innovating.

Keep Apart

Meaning: To prevent people or things from coming together.

Example: The security team tried to keep apart the rival groups of fans.

Keep By

Meaning: To retain something for future use.

Example: She kept a little money by for emergencies.

Keep Around

Meaning: To retain someone or something nearby.

Example: It’s useful to keep a flashlight around in case of a power outage.

Phrasal Verbs with Keep

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