Phrasal Verbs with Kick

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Phrasal verbs with “kick” typically describe actions related to initiating, expelling, or ceasing something. Here’s a comprehensive list of phrasal verbs with “kick,” their meanings, and examples.

Here is the list of 20 phrasal verbs with “Kick”:

  1. Kick back
  2. Kick off
  3. Kick out
  4. Kick around
  5. Kick in
  6. Kick up
  7. Kick over
  8. Kick about
  9. Kick against
  10. Kick forward
  11. Kick down
  12. Kick into
  13. Kick over to
  14. Kick away
  15. Kick down to
  16. Kick under
  17. Kick off with
  18. Kick to the curb
  19. Kick up a fuss
  20. Kick out of

Phrasal Verbs with “Kick” and Their Meanings

Kick Off

Meaning: To start an event or activity.

Example: The party will kick off at 8 PM with live music.

Kick Back

Meaning: To relax or take a break.

Example: After a long day at work, he likes to kick back with a good book.

Kick Out

Meaning: To expel or force someone to leave.

Example: The unruly customer was kicked out of the bar.

Kick Around

Meaning: To discuss or consider an idea informally.

Example: They kicked around the idea of starting a new business together.

Kick In

Meaning: To contribute money or resources; to begin to take effect.

Example: Let’s all kick in $0 to buy a gift for Mary.

Kick Up

Meaning: To cause trouble or disturbance.

Example: The protesters kicked up a commotion outside the courthouse.

Kick Over

Meaning: To knock something over with a kick.

Example: The child accidentally kicked over the vase while playing.

Kick About

Meaning: To be left around carelessly; to discuss something informally.

Example: Some old toys were just kicking about in the garage.

Kick Against

Meaning: To resist or protest something.

Example: He kicked against the new rules imposed by management.

Kick Forward

Meaning: To pass or send something to a higher authority or position.

Example: The proposal was kicked forward to the senior executives for approval.

Kick Down

Meaning: To forcibly break open by kicking.

Example: The firefighters had to kick down the door to enter the burning building.

Kick Into

Meaning: To forcefully direct one’s energy or resources into something.

Example: The team kicked into high gear as the deadline approached.

Kick Over To

Meaning: To transfer something to someone else.

Example: Let me kick over the project files to you for review.

Kick Away

Meaning: To remove an obstruction by kicking.

Example: He kicked away the rock blocking the path.

Kick Down To

Meaning: To pass something to a lower level of authority or position.

Example: The budget was kicked down to the department heads for allocation.

Kick Under

Meaning: To hide or conceal something by kicking it under another object.

Example: She kicked the broken glass under the table.

Kick Off With

Meaning: To start something with a specific action or item.

Example: The conference will kick off with a keynote speech.

Kick to the Curb

Meaning: To reject or dismiss someone or something.

Example: She decided to kick her old habits to the curb and start fresh.

Kick Up a Fuss

Meaning: To cause a commotion or express strong dissatisfaction.

Example: The customers kicked up a fuss when their orders were delayed.

Kick Out Of

Meaning: To derive enjoyment or amusement from something.

Example: He always kicks out of playing practical jokes on his friends.

Phrasal Verbs with Kick

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