Explore 20 Self-Care Expressions in English

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These self-care expressions are used to emphasize the importance of looking after one’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

Self-Care Expressions

  1. Take time off
    • Meaning: Rest and relax away from work
    • Example: She took time off to recharge.
  2. Recharge your batteries
    • Meaning: Restore energy levels through rest
    • Example: A weekend away helps recharge your batteries.
  3. Wind down
    • Meaning: Gradually relax after a busy day
    • Example: She winds down with a book nightly.
  4. Pamper yourself
    • Meaning: Treat oneself with luxury and care
    • Example: Treat yourself; pamper yourself with a spa.
  5. Unwind
    • Meaning: Relax and reduce tension or stress
    • Example: A warm bath helps her unwind.
  6. Take it easy
    • Meaning: Avoid stress by relaxing
    • Example: On weekends, I like to take it easy.
  7. Treat yourself
    • Meaning: Indulge in something enjoyable
    • Example: After a busy week, treat yourself!
  8. Slow down
    • Meaning: Reduce speed or intensity of activity
    • Example: Sometimes, it’s good to slow down.
  9. Take care of oneself
    • Meaning: Look after one’s physical and mental health
    • Example: It’s important to take care of oneself.
  10. Breathe easy
    • Meaning: Relax knowing there’s no pressure
    • Example: With exams over, he can breathe easy.
  11. Kick back
    • Meaning: Relax and enjoy downtime
    • Example: She loves to kick back with friends.
  12. Put your feet up
    • Meaning: Relax, often by resting with feet raised
    • Example: After work, she puts her feet up.
  13. Listen to your body
    • Meaning: Pay attention to health signals
    • Example: Listen to your body; take a break.
  14. Make time for yourself
    • Meaning: Set aside time for personal care
    • Example: Make time for yourself, even on busy days.
  15. Switch off
    • Meaning: Disconnect from work or responsibilities
    • Example: Switch off your phone during self-care.
  16. Get enough sleep
    • Meaning: Sleep sufficiently for good health
    • Example: Getting enough sleep is crucial.
  17. Declutter your mind
    • Meaning: Clear unnecessary thoughts or stress
    • Example: Meditation helps declutter your mind.
  18. Set boundaries
    • Meaning: Establish limits to maintain well-being
    • Example: Set boundaries to avoid burnout.
  19. Soothe your nerves
    • Meaning: Calm one’s anxiety or stress
    • Example: A warm drink helps soothe your nerves.
  20. Make peace with yourself
    • Meaning: Accept yourself, imperfections included
    • Example: It’s crucial to make peace with yourself.

self care expressions

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