30+ List of Prepositions of Place in English

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Understanding prepositions of place is crucial for mastering English grammar. This post provides a clear guide to commonly used prepositions, their meanings, and examples.

Definition: Prepositions of place describe the location or position of something relative to something else.

List of Prepositions of Place

1. Above

Meaning: Higher than something else.

Example: The clock hangs above the door.

2. Across

Meaning: From one side to the other.

Example: She walked across the street.

3. Against

Meaning: Touching something for support.

Example: The ladder leans against the wall.

4. Along

Meaning: In a line with the length of.

Example: They walked along the road.

5. Among

Meaning: Surrounded by; in the middle of.

Example: She sat among her friends.

6. Around

Meaning: Encircling; all over.

Example: The fence runs around the house.

7. At

Meaning: A specific point or place.

Example: Meet me at the entrance.

8. Behind

Meaning: At the back of something.

Example: The park is behind the building.

9. Below

Meaning: Lower than something else.

Example: The valley lies below the mountain.

10. Beneath

Meaning: Directly under something.

Example: The river flows beneath the bridge.

11. Beside

Meaning: Next to; at the side of.

Example: She sits beside her sister.

12. Between

Meaning: In the middle of two points.

Example: The café is between the bank and the library.

13. By

Meaning: Close to; next to.

Example: The bus stop is by the post office.

14. Close to

Meaning: Very near to.

Example: He lives close to the school.

15. Down

Meaning: From higher to a lower point.

Example: He walked down the stairs.

16. In

Meaning: Enclosed by boundaries.

Example: She is in her room.

17. In front of

Meaning: Directly before something or someone.

Example: He stood in front of the crowd.

18. Inside

Meaning: Within something.

Example: The keys are inside the drawer.

19. Into

Meaning: From outside to a point within.

Example: She walked into the room.

20. Near

Meaning: At a short distance.

Example: The station is near the museum.

21. Next to

Meaning: Immediately adjacent.

Example: Sit next to me.

22. On

Meaning: In a position above and touching it.

Example: The book is on the table.

23. Opposite

Meaning: Directly facing.

Example: Our house is opposite the park.

24. Out of

Meaning: From inside to the outside.

Example: He ran out of the house.

25. Outside

Meaning: Not inside; externally.

Example: The car is outside the garage.

26. Over

Meaning: Above; covering.

Example: The bridge goes over the river.

27. Past

Meaning: Beyond in position; further than.

Example: She walked past the store.

28. Through

Meaning: From end to end; from side to side.

Example: He drove through the tunnel.

29. Under

Meaning: Lower than (something covering).

Example: The cat is under the table.

30. Underneath

Meaning: Directly below.

Example: The spare tire is underneath the car.

31. Upon

Meaning: On; at a higher position.

Example: The book is upon the shelf.

32. Within

Meaning: Inside the confines or limits of.

Example: Return the book within a week.

Prepositions of Place

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