Learn 20 Prepositions of Direction in English

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In this blog post, we’ll explore 20 prepositions of direction. These essential elements of English grammar help indicate the direction in which something or someone moves.

What are Prepositions of Direction?

Prepositions of direction are words used to show the direction towards which something or someone is headed. They are crucial for providing spatial context in sentences.

1. Towards

Usage: Movement in the direction of something.
Example: She walked towards the sunset.

2. Into

Usage: Entering inside something.
Example: He jumped into the pool.

3. To

Usage: Indicates direction towards a place.
Example: We went to the cinema.

4. Through

Usage: From one side to the other side.
Example: They drove through the tunnel.

5. Across

Usage: From one side to the other.
Example: The cat ran across the road.

6. Over

Usage: Movement above something.
Example: The bird flew over the trees.

7. Under

Usage: Movement beneath something.
Example: The dog crawled under the fence.

8. Around

Usage: Surrounding or on all sides.
Example: We walked around the park.

9. Past

Usage: Moving beyond something.
Example: He walked past the library.

10. Along

Usage: Movement following a line.
Example: She strolled along the river.

11. Up

Usage: Movement to a higher position.
Example: He climbed up the ladder.

12. Down

Usage: Movement to a lower position.
Example: She ran down the hill.

13. From

Usage: Starting point of movement.
Example: She left from the back door.

14. Off

Usage: To detach and leave a surface.
Example: The cat jumped off the counter.

15. Toward

Usage: In the direction of something.
Example: He moved toward the crowd.

16. Out of

Usage: Exiting from inside something.
Example: He stepped out of the room.

17. On to

Usage: Moving to a position on a surface.
Example: She stepped on to the stage.

18. Away from

Usage: Moving back or apart from something.
Example: The child ran away from the bee.

19. Into

Usage: Movement to the inside of.
Example: She poured the tea into the cup.

20. Onto

Usage: Moving to the top or surface of something.
Example: He jumped onto the platform.

Prepositions of Direction

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