10 Prepositional Phrases With For

Prepositional phrases with “for” are incredibly versatile in English, playing a key role in indicating purposes, durations, and reasons among others. Here’s an exploration of various prepositional phrases using “for” with clear definitions and examples to illustrate their use:

Prepositional Phrases With For

1. For instance

Definition: Used when giving an example.


  • For instance, consider the case of climate change impacting global weather patterns.
  • He enjoys many sports, for instance, soccer and tennis.

2. For the sake of

Definition: Done for the purpose or benefit of something or someone.


  • She stayed in the unhappy job for the sake of her family.
  • For the sake of clarity, please speak more slowly.

3. For good

Definition: Permanently, with no intention of returning or reversing. Examples:

  • He moved away for good and never came back.
  • They’ve closed the old factory for good.

4. For sure

Definition: Certainly, without doubt. Examples:

  • This time, I know for sure that we are going to win.
  • I can’t say for sure what time I’ll arrive.

5. For a while

Definition: For a short period of time. Examples:

  • Let’s rest here for a while before continuing our hike.
  • I lived in New York for a while when I was younger.

6. For free

Definition: Without cost, gratis. Examples:

  • They were giving out samples for free at the store.
  • You can download the app for free.

7. For better or worse

Definition: Regardless of the positive or negative outcomes. Examples:

  • They decided to get married, for better or worse.
  • For better or worse, his decision was final.

8. For sale

Definition: Available to be bought. Examples:

  • The old mansion has been for sale for years.
  • Several paintings are for sale at the gallery.

9. For the first time

Definition: Happening as a new or unique event. Examples:

  • She saw snow for the first time during her trip to Canada.
  • For the first time, he felt truly happy.

10. For now

Definition: Temporarily, at this moment. Examples:

  • Let’s put this issue aside for now and discuss it later.
  • We’re safe for now, but we need to keep moving.Prepositional Phrases With For 2

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