10 Prepositional Phrases With In

Prepositional phrases with “in” are a staple in English, used to indicate location, time, or to introduce other specific contexts. These phrases can enrich sentences by providing additional details about the circumstances of an action or the state of something. Here’s an overview of how to use “in” in various contexts, accompanied by examples:

Prepositional Phrases With In

1. In time for

Definition: Arriving or doing something before a deadline or at the right moment.


  • She always turns in her assignments in time for the deadline.
  • They arrived in time for the movie’s opening scene.

2. In love with

Definition: Feeling romantic affection towards someone.


  • He realized he was in love with her when they traveled together.
  • Many songs are about being in love with someone unattainable.

3. In need of

Definition: Requiring something that one lacks.


  • The shelter is in need of donations.
  • He was in need of a good rest after the marathon.

4. In charge of

Definition: Having control or responsibility over something or someone.


  • She is in charge of organizing the company retreat.
  • The manager is in charge of overseeing all projects.

5. In accordance with

Definition: In agreement with a rule, standard, or another person’s wishes.


  • The document was prepared in accordance with legal requirements.
  • They decorated the room in accordance with her preferences.

6. In response to

Definition: Reacting to something.


  • In response to your request, we have updated your subscription.
  • The government’s new policy came in response to public demand.

7. In comparison to

Definition: Used to compare one thing with another.


  • In comparison to last year, profits have doubled.
  • His performance in comparison to his peers was outstanding.

8. In the event of

Definition: In case something happens.


  • In the event of a fire, please exit the building immediately.
  • Always have a backup plan in the event of an emergency.

9. In contrast to

Definition: Highlighting differences between two or more things.


  • In contrast to his cheerful nature, his brother is quite reserved.
  • The climate here, in contrast to the coast, is very dry.

10. In search of

Definition: Looking for something.


  • They went to the mountains in search of peace and quiet.
  • The scientist is in search of a new theory.

Prepositional Phrases With in

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