20 Excuses For Ignoring Calls

Hey there! Do you ever find yourself dodging phone calls? Well, you’re not alone! In this blog post, we’re going to explore 20 common excuses people use when they don’t want to answer the phone. So, grab your popcorn and let’s dive into the world of avoiding calls!

Excuses For Ignoring Calls

  1. “My phone was on silent, and I didn’t notice.”
  2. “I was in a meeting and couldn’t step out.”
  3. “I was driving at the time and couldn’t answer safely.”
  4. “My phone battery was dead.”
  5. “I was dealing with a family emergency.”
  6. “I was in an area with poor reception.”
  7. “I accidentally left my phone at home.”
  8. “I was in the middle of something important and couldn’t pause.”
  9. “I was feeling unwell and taking a nap.”
  10. “I thought it was a spam call; I’ve been getting a lot of those.”
  11. “I was on another call and couldn’t switch over.”
  12. “I was in a loud place and didn’t hear my phone.”
  13. “My phone is having some technical issues.”
  14. “I’ve been trying to limit my screen time.”
  15. “I was in a no-phones-allowed area and had mine turned off.”
  16. “I saw your call but couldn’t find my phone in time to answer.”
  17. “I was helping someone and couldn’t pick up.”
  18. “I had my hands full and couldn’t get to my phone.”
  19. “I was exercising and didn’t have my phone on me.”
  20. “I was watching a movie and didn’t want to interrupt it.”


20 Excuses For Ignoring Calls

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