List of 20 Prepositions of Time in English

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Prepositions of time are essential in English to indicate when something happens. They help in describing the time aspect in sentences, making communication clear and effective.

Definition of Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of time are words used to specify when an event occurs, indicating the timing of an action relative to another event.

1. At

Usage: Indicates specific times.

Example: Meet me at 5 o’clock.

2. On

Usage: Refers to specific days or dates.

Example: We left on Monday morning.

3. In

Usage: Used for months, years, centuries.

Example: She was born in 1992.

4. Before

Usage: Indicates something happening earlier.

Example: Finish your homework before dinner.

5. After

Usage: Refers to something following another.

Example: We will talk after the meeting.

6. By

Usage: No later than a specific time.

Example: Please arrive by noon tomorrow.

7. During

Usage: Throughout a period or event.

Example: It rained during the night.

8. While

Usage: Concurrent duration of time.

Example: She reads while he cooks.

9. Until

Usage: Up to a certain point.

Example: Work until you finish.

10. Since

Usage: From a specific past time.

Example: I have known her since 2003.

11. Within

Usage: Inside a period of time.

Example: Call me within an hour.

12. Throughout

Usage: All through a period.

Example: He was busy throughout July.

13. From…to

Usage: Marks the beginning and end.

Example: The show is from 6 to 9 PM.

14. Till

Usage: Up to a certain time (informal).

Example: Wait till I come back.

15. For

Usage: Duration of time.

Example: She lived there for three years.

16. Over

Usage: More than a period of time.

Example: It happened over the weekend.

17. Past

Usage: Just after the hour in time.

Example: It’s ten past five now.

18. Around

Usage: Approximately at a time.

Example: She’ll arrive around noon.

19. Between…and

Usage: In the interval separating times.

Example: Between Monday and Friday, I work.

20. About

Usage: Close to a certain time.

Example: It’s about time to leave.


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